My Favourite Eye Brushes


Makeup Brushes are one of those things that I tend to splurge on a lot. I feel like a makeup artist can never have too many brushes, and over the last few years I’ve gotten quite the collection.

I’m very picky with my eye brushes, and I’ve collected a lot, but there are 7 specific ones in my collection that really stand out, and get the most use.

The first one is a large, flat brush that is perfect for packing on shimmer the lid. This is from Kryolan and is the Art. 9716 brush from the Premium collection.

Next is the Royal and Langnickel brush bc415 from the Silk Collection. This is similar to the first brush, but smaller and more dense. This is again great for packing shadow all over the lid, but covers a smaller area than the Kryolan one.

The third brush is my absolute favourite. Its the Morphe M139. This is perfect for getting right into the crease, and deepening up the outer corner. It fits perfectly in the crease, which makes smokey eyes so easy.

Next is the Crown Brush C441 Pro Blending Crease brush. This is such a good blending brush. Its the perfect size and blends my eye shadow perfectly.

The Royal and Langnickel brush inΒ BC445 from the Silk pro collection is the perfect brush for my transition colour. It’s a really big blending brush and it blends my tradition shade flawlessly.

The Royal and Langnickel brush Smudger brush from the Brush essentials collection is the perfect brush for highlighting the inner corners. Its the perfect size for this.

The last brush is my favourite brush for filling in my brows. Its the MAC 208 brush, and its an angled brow brush, and is the perfect size for my fuller brows.


So those are my favourite eye brushes! Keep an eye out for my favourite face brushes soon!


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