The Estee Lauder Edit.

Estee Lauder isn’t a brand I typically went to when makeup shopping. I’ve been a big fan of the Double Wear foundation for quite a while, but other than that I was never that bothered by the brand in general; until recently. I’ve always heard so many amazing reviews of the Bronze Goddess bronzer, and having been on the hunt for a new bronzer I decided to pop to the counter to see what all the fuss is about.

When arriving at the counter I went straight to one of the sales assistants, wanting to try out the bronzer right away, as well as get coloured matched for the Double Wear foundation again. I loved the bronzer instantly and it went straight into my basket, along with the foundation.

On this particular day, there was a huge promotion on the counter, meaning if you bought 2 products you got a bag of goodies for free! Now I was expecting a few samples maybe, but I was so shocked when I saw what was being given out!

In this set you got a really cute makeup bag, with 2 full sized lipsticks (A nude-pink and a deep purple), a full sized nude lipliner, a mini pink lipgloss, and 3 travel sized skin care products, including the Day Wear moisturiser, the Perfectly Clean foam cleanser and the Nightwear Plus 3-minute Detox Mask.

Having tried the majority of these products now, I can safely say I am an Estee Lauder fan, and I will definitely be shopping at the counter again! I am so impressed with the skin care products; my skin has never felt better.

The lipsticks are so creamy and long wearing, and I am obsessed with the nude-pink shade (Shade- Intense Nude), as it is the perfect everyday nude lipstick. The deep purple (Shade- Insolent Plum) is the perfect Autumnal purple and I cannot wait to wear this, and to feature it in some outfit posts!

What are you favourite Estee Lauder products, and what do I need to try next??


4 thoughts on “The Estee Lauder Edit.

  1. Your flatlays are so aesthetically pleasing!! I have never tried ever of their products I have always been to worried to splurge on their products in case I don’t like it! But I have always wanted to get my hands on the bronzer! xx


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