The Subculture Palette | My Honest Review

subculture palette 1

subculture palette 2

The massively talked about palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. The Subculture Palette.

So I bought this having watched loads of bad reviews on YouTube, but it looked too pretty to not buy, so I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt, and I bought it.

What a mistake this was! This is honestly the worst palette I’ve ever used! When comparing this palette to the Modern Renaissance, which is one of my favourites, the quality between the two are on a whole different level!

Sure these shadows are pigmented, but they fall apart at the touch of a brush. As you can tell from my images, two shades have completely smashed. I did drop the palette, but it was a small drop, not much height and onto a soft surface, and two shades smashed! The shadows are so soft, almost as if they are just pure pigments, just pressed down into pans. These shadows do not blend at all. Trying to blend them takes ages, and the results are a muddy, patchy mess, which is not cute.

subculture palette 3

So lets talk about each shade.

The shade ‘Cube’ is an iridescent pink/white shade, that without a setting spray, is practically non-existent, but really pretty in the inner corners, when used with a setting spray.

‘Dawn’ is a peachy, matte shade, that works okay, and is one of the easier shades to blend.

‘Destiny’ is a really pretty shade, but doesn’t blend well, and when packed all over the lid, it separated and looked really patchy after a few minutes.

‘Adorn’ is probably my favourite shade in the palette, and the one shade i would probably actually use in a makeup look. The pigment is amazing, and it lasts!

‘All Star’ is similar to ‘Destiny’ in the way it performs. not very blendable, and goes very patchy.

‘Mercury’ is one of the shades I haven’t tried on the eyes, purley because its a shade I wouldn’t use on my eyes in general.

‘Axis’ is a very patchy shade. For being such a dark shade, you expect the pigment to be amazing, but it doesn’t live up to expectations.

subculture palette 4

‘Roxy’ is one of the better shades. This is a good transition shade, but I wouldn’t choose it over my other palettes.

‘Electric’ looks amazing in the pan, but when swatched I was underwhelmed. The pigment doesn’t do it justice. When mixed with some fix+ it looked a lot better but I have a shade similar to this from NYX that is 100X better.

‘Fudge’ goes super patchy when blended, and takes a whole lot of work to blend in general. Definitely too much work for an eye look, when other shadows will do a quicker job.

‘New Wave’ isn’t actually a bad shade. I haven’t got a shade like this in my collection, and when packed on the lid this is actually okay. It just doesn’t blend very well.

‘Untamed’ is again similar to ‘Destiny’. Patchy, doesn’t blend etc.

‘Edge’ is similar to ‘New Wave’. I haven’t got a shade like it, and its wearable when packed all over the lid.

Finally we have ‘Rowdy’, which is one of the shades that smashed, so I only have a tiny bit of this left. Its not really a shade I would use, and I haven’t tried it on the eyes yet.


So my final thoughts on this palette are; Listen to what everyone has said about it! Its not worth the splurge at all!

Sorry for the bad review, but I find posts like this really helpful and I hope some of you guys appreciate it!


3 thoughts on “The Subculture Palette | My Honest Review

  1. Wow that’s one bad looking palette! No wanders you are upset! I have the modern reinassance too and it’s my favourite palette ever, so when I saw this one I fell for the colours and I wanted it, but after those reviews ehm no thanks, I thought it might become a better formula and that was just a bad batch but after your review I’m convinved it’s just a bad palette. I’m entrigued by the new one, looks so pretty and seams also really nice πŸ˜€ can’t remember the name though XD


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