The Ordinary Coverage Foundation | Review


There’s been such a hype recently over The Ordinary skin care products. Being a huge skin care fan I’ve wanted to try them for ages now, but all of the products I want to try are always sold out! Having said this I noticed that The Ordinary have foundations also, so I had to give one a go!

When reading through the reviews I noticed the Coverage Foundation seemed to have a lot more positive reviews over the Serum foundation, which is said to be a lighter coverage. The Coverage Foundation retails for only Β£5.90 on Cult Beauty, and you get 30ml of product.

The product description describes the foundation as being a ‘flawless, full-coverage liquid’ It also says that the formula will give a natural finish, with a ‘your skin-but better’ look. It also ensures that you won’t get any creasing or a cakey look.

I had a lot of trouble choosing a shade as there were so many to choose from (21 in total)! Each shade seems to have different variations of undertones in them, and I’m a bit clueless when it comes to undertones, so I went with what I thought would suit my skin tone best. I chose the shade 2.0P- Light Medium (Pink Undertones).

So how did the foundation look?

The shade I chose was too dark for starters! Had a had a fresh layer of tan on it could have worked better, but I tried my best to make the shade work.

I used my Kat Von D Hydrating Primer before applying the foundation. This is the primer I use everyday, and it’s one that I love and I know works well with my skin, so I felt like his would give it a true test. I also applied it using my beauty blender, as this is my all time favourite way to apply foundation.

The foundation was not full coverage. I had to use a lot of product to build up the coverage, and to cover the redness in my skin. I also found it quite difficult to move around, I felt like it clung to areas of my skin.

I felt the longer I wore it, the worse it looked. It didn’t sit well on my skin at all, and moved around a lot, giving me a patchy look.

I also found it really difficult to blend my powders on top of it. My contour looked quite muddy and my powder really clung to it.

Overall I was not impressed with this foundation, and its made me pretty wary to try the skin care too!

Let me know if you’ve tried anything from this brand and what you thought!


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