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Bleach London and makeup?! I never even knew Bleach London had a makeup line, until I saw Jamie Genevine do a first impressions on youTube. She seemed so impressed with the eyeshadows that I had to give it a go.

Having never tried anything from bleach London before, I didn’t know what to expect, but being a big fan of Jamie, as well as Lou Teasdale and Lottie Tomlinson, I desperately wanted to try it out! I was shocked by how cheap everything was, with eyeshadows only £3 each, and glitters at £5 each.

So onto what I bought. I got 6 eyeshadows, also known as ‘Louder Powder’, (shades TD 2ma, R/G 3me, TD ma, PH 3ma, B 5ma, ISR 4ma) and 1 glitter (Berwick Street Floor). I wanted to go for a range of shades that I know I would use, and would all look good together. I ended up going for a really Autumnal range of shades, and the glitter I purchased went really well with my eye shadow choices. I also purchased the Build Your Own Palette in the small size to put all of the shadows in. This palette fits 9 eye shadows in, but as you can see from the images I also fitted in my contour powder. The small palette was £8, and the larger size is £10.

When applying these shadows I wasn’t that overwhelmed to start with. You needed to build up the shadows to really get a lot of pigment, but once the pigment was there they worked beautifully. They blended really well and wore well throughout the day. The shades all worked really well together, and overall I was pleasantly impressed.

As for the glitter, I wasn’t very impressed. There was A LOT of fallout, which I guess is acceptable for a glitter. I haven’t had the chance to have a really good play with it yet, but had I used a glitter glue/vaseline I think it could work quite well.

I also purchased a contour powder. There were 6 shades to choose from, and the first 3 all seemed very warm/orange. I was quite worried about purchasing shade 4, as it looked quite dark online but when it came it was surprisingly really light. This was too light for my skin tone, and I have quite fair skin. I also found that this had barely any pigment, and even after building and building up the pigment I felt I had no change to my cheekbones. Overall I wasn’t happy with this product at all.

As well as buying the makeup, I also picked up 2 brushes. I love buying new makeup brushes, and these ones were so affordable that I couldn’t resist getting them! I bought the Powder Brush P002, which is a large fan brush, perfect for contouring, as well as the Small Fluffer Brush SF001, which is a great crease brush. Both of these have been added into my everyday brush holder, and I have loved using both of them! They are so soft and such great quality! The fan brush retailed for £6,and the small blender was £4.50.

I received a free gift for spending so much money, and I received the Bleach London Hard AF Setting Spray, which I’ve really enjoyed using. Its got a great spray, and the scent of this is really lovely.

So overall I have quite mixed feelings about Bleach London makeup! The eye shadows were okay, the contour powder was a fail, but the brushes were fab!

Let me know if you’ve tried anything from bleach London, and what you thought of it!


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