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Myself, and my three best blogger friends, Darcy, Katy and Lauren decided to do a Secret Santa this year!

We used an online secret santa website to choose who we had, meaning we got sent emails of our chosen person. This worked out really well, and no-one found out who had who until the gifts were sent and received, which I think is pretty rare for a secret santa! We also set a budget of Β£15 each, and we could get anything we wanted in that price range. I absolutely suck at sticking to a price, so it was a guarantee that I would go over, regardless of the price limit.

So for my secret santa I had Katy, and you can see her post HERE, to see what I got her.

I received my gifts from Darcy, and she got me such a cute variety of things. Firstly can we appreciate how cute the little box everything came in was?! I’m a sucker for a well wrapped present, which you can probably tell from my Gift Wrapping Guide post.

So inside the box, the first thing I pulled out was this super cute reindeer hair wrap. I’ve never used one of these before, but since receiving it I’ve used it when washing my face, using face masks, and just when my hair is generally in my way.

Next up was an Ariel sheet mask. I haven’t used this yet, but anything Disney related and skincare related is a win for me!

There was also a LUSH bath bomb. if you know mw you’ll know how obsessed I am with LUSH and bath bombs in general, so this was a great gift for me! This was the Sweater Weather bath bomb.

Lastly there was a NYX Liquid Suede liquid lipstick, in the shade ‘Pure Society‘ which is a gorgeous deep purple/red metallic shade. Perfect for the festive season!

I loved everything in my package, and I can tell that Darcy really thought about what she was buying for me. So thank you so much Darcy, I absolutely love it!

If you want to see what the other girls received I have put all of their links below!




Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and get some lovely gifts!

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