The Ordinary Coverage Foundation | Review


There’s been such a hype recently over The Ordinary skin care products. Being a huge skin care fan I’ve wanted to try them for ages now, but all of the products I want to try are always sold out! Having said this I noticed that The Ordinary have foundations also, so I had to give one a go!

When reading through the reviews I noticed the Coverage Foundation seemed to have a lot more positive reviews over the Serum foundation, which is said to be a lighter coverage. The Coverage Foundation retails for only £5.90 on Cult Beauty, and you get 30ml of product.

The product description describes the foundation as being a ‘flawless, full-coverage liquid’ It also says that the formula will give a natural finish, with a ‘your skin-but better’ look. It also ensures that you won’t get any creasing or a cakey look.

I had a lot of trouble choosing a shade as there were so many to choose from (21 in total)! Each shade seems to have different variations of undertones in them, and I’m a bit clueless when it comes to undertones, so I went with what I thought would suit my skin tone best. I chose the shade 2.0P- Light Medium (Pink Undertones).

So how did the foundation look?

The shade I chose was too dark for starters! Had a had a fresh layer of tan on it could have worked better, but I tried my best to make the shade work.

I used my Kat Von D Hydrating Primer before applying the foundation. This is the primer I use everyday, and it’s one that I love and I know works well with my skin, so I felt like his would give it a true test. I also applied it using my beauty blender, as this is my all time favourite way to apply foundation.

The foundation was not full coverage. I had to use a lot of product to build up the coverage, and to cover the redness in my skin. I also found it quite difficult to move around, I felt like it clung to areas of my skin.

I felt the longer I wore it, the worse it looked. It didn’t sit well on my skin at all, and moved around a lot, giving me a patchy look.

I also found it really difficult to blend my powders on top of it. My contour looked quite muddy and my powder really clung to it.

Overall I was not impressed with this foundation, and its made me pretty wary to try the skin care too!

Let me know if you’ve tried anything from this brand and what you thought!


The Face Mask Edit.

I’m a huge fan of face masks! I take my skin care seriously, and adding a face mask a few times a week, really helps to keep my skin clear.

I’ve gotten quite the collection of masks over time, so I thought I’d share my collection with you, and share my favourites!

fave face masks 7

The Sephora sheet mask are my absolute favourites! Whenever I’m away and theres a Sephora around I stock up on these!
fave face masks 6

The LUSH Jelly masks are fairly new, and I’ve only used this particular one once, but I’ve enjoyed it so far, and its something different to the typical face mask! fave face masks 4

This mask from Sephora is a gel consistency, and its super hydrating. My skin has been pretty dry lately, and this has really helped with getting some moisture back into y skin.
fave face masks 3

The LUSH masks are some of my favourites, and I can always rely on these to get my skin back into shape. The Mask of Magnaminty is great for when I have blemishes on the skin, and Cup O’ Coffees great for when my skin is looking a bit dull and lifeless. fave face masks 2

The Kiehls Turmeric and Cranberry Seed mask is great for adding some life back into my skin. This makes my skin feel so soft and nourished after use.

The L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask isn’t one I tend to reach for as my skin is pretty dry. fave face maska 5

These two masks, are ones I also don’t really reach for. During this time of the year my skin is pretty dry, and putting detox masks on my skin tends to strip it of the little moisture I have. I do enjoy using these in the summer when my skin is more on the oily side. fave face maks

My last mask is a pack of sheet masks a friend of mine brought back from Japan. These are pretty basic, and I’m not really sure on what they’re for as everything is in Japanese, but they’re pretty moisturising.

So that is all of the face masks I have in my collection! If you have any suggestions of some good ones for dry skin then let me now in the comments!

The Subculture Palette | My Honest Review

subculture palette 1

subculture palette 2

The massively talked about palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. The Subculture Palette.

So I bought this having watched loads of bad reviews on YouTube, but it looked too pretty to not buy, so I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt, and I bought it.

What a mistake this was! This is honestly the worst palette I’ve ever used! When comparing this palette to the Modern Renaissance, which is one of my favourites, the quality between the two are on a whole different level!

Sure these shadows are pigmented, but they fall apart at the touch of a brush. As you can tell from my images, two shades have completely smashed. I did drop the palette, but it was a small drop, not much height and onto a soft surface, and two shades smashed! The shadows are so soft, almost as if they are just pure pigments, just pressed down into pans. These shadows do not blend at all. Trying to blend them takes ages, and the results are a muddy, patchy mess, which is not cute.

subculture palette 3

So lets talk about each shade.

The shade ‘Cube’ is an iridescent pink/white shade, that without a setting spray, is practically non-existent, but really pretty in the inner corners, when used with a setting spray.

‘Dawn’ is a peachy, matte shade, that works okay, and is one of the easier shades to blend.

‘Destiny’ is a really pretty shade, but doesn’t blend well, and when packed all over the lid, it separated and looked really patchy after a few minutes.

‘Adorn’ is probably my favourite shade in the palette, and the one shade i would probably actually use in a makeup look. The pigment is amazing, and it lasts!

‘All Star’ is similar to ‘Destiny’ in the way it performs. not very blendable, and goes very patchy.

‘Mercury’ is one of the shades I haven’t tried on the eyes, purley because its a shade I wouldn’t use on my eyes in general.

‘Axis’ is a very patchy shade. For being such a dark shade, you expect the pigment to be amazing, but it doesn’t live up to expectations.

subculture palette 4

‘Roxy’ is one of the better shades. This is a good transition shade, but I wouldn’t choose it over my other palettes.

‘Electric’ looks amazing in the pan, but when swatched I was underwhelmed. The pigment doesn’t do it justice. When mixed with some fix+ it looked a lot better but I have a shade similar to this from NYX that is 100X better.

‘Fudge’ goes super patchy when blended, and takes a whole lot of work to blend in general. Definitely too much work for an eye look, when other shadows will do a quicker job.

‘New Wave’ isn’t actually a bad shade. I haven’t got a shade like this in my collection, and when packed on the lid this is actually okay. It just doesn’t blend very well.

‘Untamed’ is again similar to ‘Destiny’. Patchy, doesn’t blend etc.

‘Edge’ is similar to ‘New Wave’. I haven’t got a shade like it, and its wearable when packed all over the lid.

Finally we have ‘Rowdy’, which is one of the shades that smashed, so I only have a tiny bit of this left. Its not really a shade I would use, and I haven’t tried it on the eyes yet.


So my final thoughts on this palette are; Listen to what everyone has said about it! Its not worth the splurge at all!

Sorry for the bad review, but I find posts like this really helpful and I hope some of you guys appreciate it!

The Estee Lauder Edit.

Estee Lauder isn’t a brand I typically went to when makeup shopping. I’ve been a big fan of the Double Wear foundation for quite a while, but other than that I was never that bothered by the brand in general; until recently. I’ve always heard so many amazing reviews of the Bronze Goddess bronzer, and having been on the hunt for a new bronzer I decided to pop to the counter to see what all the fuss is about.

When arriving at the counter I went straight to one of the sales assistants, wanting to try out the bronzer right away, as well as get coloured matched for the Double Wear foundation again. I loved the bronzer instantly and it went straight into my basket, along with the foundation.

On this particular day, there was a huge promotion on the counter, meaning if you bought 2 products you got a bag of goodies for free! Now I was expecting a few samples maybe, but I was so shocked when I saw what was being given out!

In this set you got a really cute makeup bag, with 2 full sized lipsticks (A nude-pink and a deep purple), a full sized nude lipliner, a mini pink lipgloss, and 3 travel sized skin care products, including the Day Wear moisturiser, the Perfectly Clean foam cleanser and the Nightwear Plus 3-minute Detox Mask.

Having tried the majority of these products now, I can safely say I am an Estee Lauder fan, and I will definitely be shopping at the counter again! I am so impressed with the skin care products; my skin has never felt better.

The lipsticks are so creamy and long wearing, and I am obsessed with the nude-pink shade (Shade- Intense Nude), as it is the perfect everyday nude lipstick. The deep purple (Shade- Insolent Plum) is the perfect Autumnal purple and I cannot wait to wear this, and to feature it in some outfit posts!

What are you favourite Estee Lauder products, and what do I need to try next??

Fortune Teller Halloween Makeup

October is here, and with it brings Halloween! Despite the fact that I never do anything on Halloween I still love it! I love playing with makeup and creating some really cool looks! I was playing around with makeup not too long ago and ended up creating this look. This look was inspired by the ‘Fortune Teller’ tag on Pinterest, and I loved the glitter tears I kept seeing.

For the eyes I used a mixture of the Anastasia Beverley Hills Subculture Palette, and the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette. I used a mixture of different purples through the crease and up to the brow bone and blended them out a lot. I then used the Makeup Forever Flash Palette, and using the black I coated my lid, and then set it with black eye shadow from the Huda Beauty Palette. I blended the black eyeshadow into the crease to create a really smoked out, dramatic eye look.

For the brows I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow, in ‘Dark Brown’. I created a really dramatic, full brow to add to the dramatic look of the eye.

I used the Kryolan TV Paint Stick to create a perfect base, and added heavy contour using the Anastasia Beverley Hills Cream and Powder contour palettes.

For the lips I used the Makeup Forever Flash Palette and customised my own colour. I created a dark purple shade to tie in with the eye look.

Finally I added glitter. I used the NYX Glitter Glue as a glue, and I used glitter From The Gypsy Shrine. I applied this in a tear drop style, and also in the inner corner of my eye.


I added a fake septum piercing as I thought this looked really cool, and if I were wearing this on Halloween I would add some sort of head piece to complete the look.


Keep an eye out for more blog posts and YouTube videos throughout October for some Halloween Inspiration!

Products to transition into Autumn

transition o autumn

I absolutely love Autumn! Everything from the weather, to the colours and the cosy clothes makes me so happy.

While I think summer makeup is really pretty, I love the darker, warmer tones worn in Autumn, and the matte, fuller coverage bases are so gorgeous. So these are a few of my favourite beauty products to transition into the Autumn season.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette- This is a newer purchase for me and I know its going to be stunning in the Autumn. The deep, red and purple tones are the perfect colours to complement the Autumn shades. Theres a full review of this HERE.

Kat Von D Studded Lipstick ‘Mercy’- This is a gorgeous deep red shade, with flecks of gold shimmer running through it. These lipsticks are gorgeous and are not drying at all.  The shade is perfect for Autumn too.

NYX Matte Lip Cream ‘Copenhagen’- I love the finish of these lipsticks. I’m not a huge fan of liquid lipsticks, but the creaminess of these ones means your lips don’t feel dry at all. This shade is a gorgeous deep red/purple and will make any makeup look really vampy.

MAC ‘Captive’ lipstick- This isn’t as bold as the other lipsticks this post, but its still beautiful and Autumnal. A dark nude is perfect to finish off any makeup look.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation- I love a matte, full coverage finish in the Autumn, and this foundation does just that. My skin look flawless when I wear this.

MAC Blusher ‘Hot Nights’- While this is a very pigmented, bright blush, when used lightly it gives a gorgeous flush of red to the cheeks. Such a beautiful colour.

ESSIE Nail Polish ‘Angora Cardi’- I don’t own any nail polishes like this, and the colour is so beautiful. Its the perfect shade to transition into Autumn with as its a good mixture of being not too deep, and berry toned, and being pinky, and nude.


My Favourite Eye Brushes


Makeup Brushes are one of those things that I tend to splurge on a lot. I feel like a makeup artist can never have too many brushes, and over the last few years I’ve gotten quite the collection.

I’m very picky with my eye brushes, and I’ve collected a lot, but there are 7 specific ones in my collection that really stand out, and get the most use.

The first one is a large, flat brush that is perfect for packing on shimmer the lid. This is from Kryolan and is the Art. 9716 brush from the Premium collection.

Next is the Royal and Langnickel brush bc415 from the Silk Collection. This is similar to the first brush, but smaller and more dense. This is again great for packing shadow all over the lid, but covers a smaller area than the Kryolan one.

The third brush is my absolute favourite. Its the Morphe M139. This is perfect for getting right into the crease, and deepening up the outer corner. It fits perfectly in the crease, which makes smokey eyes so easy.

Next is the Crown Brush C441 Pro Blending Crease brush. This is such a good blending brush. Its the perfect size and blends my eye shadow perfectly.

The Royal and Langnickel brush in BC445 from the Silk pro collection is the perfect brush for my transition colour. It’s a really big blending brush and it blends my tradition shade flawlessly.

The Royal and Langnickel brush Smudger brush from the Brush essentials collection is the perfect brush for highlighting the inner corners. Its the perfect size for this.

The last brush is my favourite brush for filling in my brows. Its the MAC 208 brush, and its an angled brow brush, and is the perfect size for my fuller brows.


So those are my favourite eye brushes! Keep an eye out for my favourite face brushes soon!

Review | Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

I wasn’t going to buy this, due to the fact that I already have so many eyeshadow palettes, but whilst shopping in Selfridges I saw it, and I could not resist picking it up. I’m so glad I did!

The shades in this palette are perfect for the upcoming seasons. The red and purple tones are so Autumnal, and theres a great mix of both matte and shimmer shades. Personally I would have preferred maybe one more shimmer, but I have so many shimmers in my collection that its something I can get over pretty easily.


So starting from the bottom, upwards the first shade is called ‘Ounce’ and is almost invisible against my skin tone. This is such a good shade for setting eye primer, due the the fact that it matches my skin so well. Next up is ‘Chaser’, which is a really great transition shade. This is super creamy and blends out really seamlessly. After that is ‘Sauced’ which is a gorgeous orangey brown shade, and this looks gorgeous all over the lid for a smokey look, and also blended through the crease. The next shade is ‘Low Blow’, which is slightly darker, and less orange than Sauced. This again is gorgeous blended through the crease to add depth to the look. After that is the first of the shimmers, which is called ‘Lumber’ which is STUNNING. Honestly all four of the shimmers in this palette are gorgeous! This one is a light pink shade with gold shimmer running through it and it looks stunning packed all over the lid, or in the inner corner. Next is ‘He Devil’ which is super similar to ‘Sauced’ again but darker. I haven’t used this one yet, but i think this will be gorgeous blended through the crease and on the lower lash line. ‘Dirty Talk’ is the second shimmer, and it again stunning! This is a very coppery shade and I again love this packed all over the lid. This is my favourite shade in the whole palette. After that is ‘Scorched’, which is probably my second favourite shade! This is again a shimmer shade and is a dark, rose gold shade. After that is ‘Cayenne’ which is a dark warm brown shade, which is perfect for deepening the outer corners of the eye. After that is ‘En Fuego’ which is a deep Maroon shade, which again would look lovely in the outer corners of the eye. the last matte shade is ‘Ashes’, which is a deep purple. This is stunning and I think would look lovely all over the eye and blended out to look really smokey. The last shade in the palette is ‘Ember’ which is a bronzy shimmer shade, and is stunning!


Overall this palette is gorgeous and all of the shades so far work really well!

KatVonD Cardiff Blogger Event

I love a beauty blogger event. The chance to meet new bloggers, try new brands and products, and the goodie bags are always a plus too! When I found out Kat Von D were opening a counter in Debenhams in Cardiff I was so excited! And of course with the new counter came a beauty blogger event, for all of us Cardiff girls to try out some Kat Von D products!

The event was a ticketed event, and the tickets cost £5 each, but you could then redeem that £5 back on products, which is fine by me seeing as I had list of things to pick up.

We took our seats front row and the lovely MUA’s went though an awesome makeup demo using all of Kats products!

The demo started with the base makeup, created by the lovely Dom. Dom created a flawless looking base using the Lock-it Hydrating Primer mixed with the famous Metal Crush Eyeshadow in the shade ‘Thunderstruck’. This gave the skin a really gorgeous, glowy complexion, and was the perfect base to apply the Lock-it foundation on top. She demoed how to use the Shade and Light palette in a really natural way to give the face some really subtle structure, and then finished the base by using ‘Thunderstruck’ again as a highlight.


Allies was next up to create a really cool, high fashion eye look. To create the eye look she used the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks in the shades ‘Roxy’, ‘Echo’ and ‘A-Go-Go’. I loved that she used the liquid lipsticks as its such a different take on the regular eye makeup look. It showed just how versatile the products were. She started off by applying Roxy all over the lids and bleeding it out. Once that had started to dry she added Echo to random areas of the eye, not really keeping to a specific look, but rather just going with the flow. The two colours started to mix slightly creating a gorgeous dark purple shade. Once this had dried she applied A-Go-Go using a mascara wand. This was a really interesting technique to learn as the mascara wand gave a really different texture to what a brush would give. It really gave the look that ‘High Fashion’ feel to it. The neon orange really stood out against to two darker shades too. To finish the look she used the Alchemist palette and the Setting Spray to add a holographic look. This really tied the look together and it was what convinced me to buy the palette afterwards.

(Images taken from the KVDartistrycardiff Instagram page)

Overall the demo was really interesting and I picked up some many tips to use in the future.

Now onto what I bought and the Goodie bag!

So the one thing that was on the top of my shopping list was the Lock-it Concealer. I’ve never owned a High-end concealer before and I can definitely tell the difference between this and my collection one. This concealer is so thick and creamy, and covers all of my dark circles.

I then picked up a Liquid Lipstick in the shade ‘Ayesha’ which is a lilac purple shade, and its beautiful! Carry on reading to see a makeup look I created using it!

The last thing I bought is the ‘Alchemist palette‘. This is so beautiful, and so versatile too! It can be used as a highlighter, and also as eyeshadows, on the lips, anywhere you want to glow basically. Spray this with a little bit of fixing spray and Oh my, you will be blinded! This is being discontinued soon, so if you want it get it now!

Now onto the goodie bag! We got a travel sized Tattoo Liner which I’m so excited about! I’ve already used this and honestly, its the most incredible liner I’ve ever used. I find most liners leak and spread in my inner corners, but this didn’t do that at all. Amazing!

We also got samples of both fragrances, ‘Saint’ and ‘Sinner’. I much prefer Sinner out of the two, but both are gorgeous scents!

As soon as I got home I had to have a play with all of the products I got! I wanted to create a look really out of my comfort zone. I used a sample of the Lock-it foundation as a  base, and the Lock-it concealer to conceal and highlight.

For eyes I used the Liquid Lipstick in Ayesha and created a cut crease. I normally really struggle doing a cut crease with eye shadow, but I found it so easy using the liquid lipstick! I then used the Tattoo Liner to create a winged liner, and went over that with the Alchemist palette, ombreing the different shades along the line. I also used both the Liquid lipstick and the Alchemist palette on my lips.

Overall I love this look, and the event was such a great night! I’m looking forward the next one coming up soon!

August Birch Box.


Another month, Another Birchbox. This month the theme of the box is ‘Mermaid Vibes’. The design of this box is so gorgeous, and the products inside are just was lovely!

The first product, and the most exciting is a Spectrum Makeup Brush! Previous to the box being sent out I had the option of which brush I wanted to have. I chose the Glam Clam‘ style brush as the colours are so gorgeous. The brush is the A05, and is a perfect bronzer/blush brush. I’m so excited to use this.

Next is the LOCOut of your shell‘ eyeshadow stick. The colour is a really pretty champagne shade, which would look stunning in the inner corners of the eye. This feels super creamy in texture and I’m looking forward to trying this out.

Nest up is the Number 4 Sugar Texturising Spray’I think this is used in the same way a salt spray would be used, by spraying it onto styled hair to add texture and Oomph to your look. I’m looking forward to trying this out.

Another really exciting product is the NUXE Multi-Usage Dry Oil Shimmer‘. I’m like a magpie when it comes to shiny things, so this really caught my eye. I can’t wait to coat my whole body in this and shine!

The last product is the Whish Renewing Mud Mask‘ which is an exfoliating mask, to help brighten and purify your skin. My skin is fairly dry at the moment so I’m not sure this will work well on my skin, but I’m defiantly going to give it a go!