Concealers | Top 3


I’ve never really had a selection of concealers in my makeup collection before. I normally just stuck to my usual Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and never tried anything else. Recently though I wanted to give some other ones a go, and I’ve ended up with quite a large selection of concealers in my makeup collection.

Since using a lot of different ones I’ve come across a few that I’ve completely fallen in love with and would purchase over my Collection Lasting Perfection!

The first concealer is the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define concealer. Now I’ve always had problems with Makeup Revolution makeup and using it near my eyes. I can’t use their eye products because they really irritate my eyes and this is the case with this concealer also, meaning I can’t use it under my eyes which is annoying. So although I can’t use it under my eyes this concealer is my favourite for highlighting down my nose and on my forehead, and it also works well at covering blemishes as its so full coverage. The formula is super creamy and long wearing, and the shade range is also incredible. I use a darker one of this to bronze my skin too!

The next concealer is the Kylie Cosmetics concealer. This stuff is amazing! The formula of this is so creamy and blendable which I love, and the coverage is so good! What I love the most about this concealer is that it doesn’t crease on me at all, which is so rare! Most concealers I use will always crease a lot under my eyes, no matter how much I blend, how quickly I set etc. but this one doesn’t. I cannot live without it! I just wish it was easier and cheaper to get hold of! Those custom fees are ridiculous!

Lastly is the Colour Pop no Filter Concealer. This is super similar to the Kylie Concealer. It’s super blendable and creamy, and again the coverage is so good! The only downside to this is that it oxidises as soon as it goes on the skin, so I would suggest getting a slightly lighter shade than you think you’d need. Once its blended in its not that noticeable though, and still looks so good!

Overall all three of these concealers are all incredible and are firm favourites in my makeup collection! I couldn’t recommend them enough!