The Start of a New Journey | Getting Fit and Healthy

I’ve always been one of those people who has gone to the gym here and there, had always eaten a generally healthy diet, and just sort of plodded along through life. I’ve never been particularly bothered by how my body looks, but I have always occasionally compare myself to others, and had thoughts of ‘Oh I wish I had a flat stomach like her’, and ”Why aren’t my legs as skinny as hers?’

With that being said I know I’m by no means fat or skinny, yet I’ve gotten to that point in my life where I want to improve, and work on myself and my body, and just generally become more fit and healthy.

One of the things I’ve done to start this journey is sign up to Results With Lucy. I’ve signed up on a monthly payment plan, which is so good! It gives me a huge variety of exercise to do at home, with minimal to no equipment needed, as well as a huge bank of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks, and all for £19.99 a month! My amazing friend Beky is one of the ambassadors for this and has some amazing blog posts all about it, so make sure you check out her blog if you want more information about Results With Lucy!

As well as doing Results With Lucy I’ve also joined a gym local to me, and I’ve splurged a lot of money into getting some PT sessions. Now I’ve yet to have one as I write this post, but I’ve got a few sessions booked in and I’ve had a consolation with my trainer, and I’m so excited to get my body looking more toned, and become a lot stronger.

I’m so excited and ready to get stuck in and to get into a routine of exercise. I can’t wait to see a difference in my body and to feel healthier and stronger than I’ve ever felt! I’m hoping to check back in, in about a 1 month- 6 weeks time, with an update of how things are going, and the progress I’ve made!